About CILC

CILC(Cebu International Language Center) as an academic institution offers intensive language

training to the non-native English speakers, particularly young learners who have the potential

to become great English conversationalists in the global world.

It targets the young learners’ confidence, passion, and eagerness to learn English by knowing

how to use English both in oral and in written. It specifically aims to produce interactive young learners

who can understand native speakers of the standard and other major dialects in essentially

any face-to-face conversation.

"We at CILC, aspire to produce young learners of the English language 

who can become potential and significant contributors to the world

by becoming highly globalized individuals with the confidence, passion,

and eagerness to use English as the most essential medium of instruction."

Our Mission

The mission of the CILC is for the matriculated non-native speakers of English to attain the acceptable level of English fluency and accuracy in both written and spoken,

in formal, academic, and informal discourses.

Students are given QUALITY AND HIGH-STANDARD INSTRUCTION to hone their basic skills in English and let them appreciate the English language. Both native and non-native speakers of English participate in cross-cultural exchanges through discussion, simulations, presentations, and different academic activities.


Our Vision

The vision of CILC is to promote the benefits of intercultural learning for the English language learners

to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of learning the language at an early age by exposing themselves to an English speaking environment.

CILC's Quality and High-Standard Instruction

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