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In a world where there is classification, distinction, and differences, we at CILC believe that having a place where there is camaraderie and cultural understanding can ensure better holistic being of the learners. Staying in CILC is a wonderful opportunity for learners to enjoy the gifts of the English language can offer. We believe that having a healthy and fun English environment can create great impact in the minds of learners for the to become productive and social individuals.


Since CILC accepts different nationalities such as Taiwanese, Koreans and Japanese, we are confident that the learners exposed to this kind of setting can become more understanding and accepting to people with diverse culture and practices. With this, the learners don't only acquire the cognitive aspect of learning the languge but also the affective aspect of their being. 


CILC gives a bountiful feast of fruits for the learners of the English language. A learner who has a well-defended immune system with the aid of citruses can fully survive the physical, emotional, mental, and academic needs of the learners. Tropical fruits such as mangoes, oranges, bananas, and coconuts are served for the learners. This special day is done every second Wednesday of the month at 5:50 in the afternoon after the 8th class. Students always anticipate this special day filled with healthy fruits!

The academy conducts a monthly level test every 4th Friday of the month to assess and inspect the development of the learners while staying in the academy. A level-based examination is given which has standardized grading system. The four macro-skills are mainly assessed in this examination. A set of competent and scholarly academic instructors conduct the test in a manner accepted by the institution and the concerned scholastic test-taking bodies. 

Friday is graduation day in the academy. This is the day of recognition and farewell to the students who have successfully completed their chosen courses in academy.

It is a day mixed with ambivalence and fulfillment. In this day, the learners finally know how well they have learned the English and the advanced learning needs they still have to achieve in their future studies. This is also a farewell day for them to their teachers who have stayed with them in guiding and molding them to accept and learn the English language.

English might be fun to learn; however, students also need to have fun outside the classroom. That is why CILC provides a gaming room equipped with gaming consoles and wide flat screen TV for the enjoyment of our young learners. The school believes that giving the students time to have recreation can positively affect their retention and attention in learning English. Furthermore, it can make social connections with other students.

CILC is an academy that advocates students to develop the ability to engage and have themselves exposed to people with different nationalities. The school highly believes that this kind of practice can boost the students' confidence and communication skills. As a school who accepts different nationalities like Koreans, Taiwanese, and Japanese, we endeavor to have a learning environment where multiculturalism and camaraderie are highly emphasized.

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