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Admission Fee : USD 100 / per person (Non-Refundable)

1. The admission fee of $100 serves as a cash bond to process the official registration in CILC. You must pay this initially.

2. The admission fee is valid only if the amount of $100 is successfully deposited to the bank account of CILC within a week after applying for admission.

3. The admission fee of $100 is also a cash bond for the dormitory. Thus, should you decide to cancel your registration for some reasons, this amountshall not be refunded. (Parents also must pay this admission fee even if they will not attend the class.)

4. Should you cancel your academic period for some personal reasons, the admission fee is valid for 1 (one) year.

Details of exclusive costs :

• Round-trip airplane tickets
• SSP(Special Study Permit) Issue Cost
• Visa extension fee (includes only those with a 30-day or more period)
• Book fee and personal allowance 
• Departure airport tax (850 pesos) per person (paid by pesos at the airport on departure time)
• Activity costs (Only for those who wish to do so)
• ACR I CARD (Learning over 59 days)
• Sending fees (Proceed with individual sending) 

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