Junior English

Cebu International Language Center,

as an academic institution offers language training to young non-native English speakers. It targets students’ optimum oral and written language command through cognition on syntax, ample lexical resource and tonal and speech control in the early stages of their lives. It aims to produce interactive young learners who can understand native speakers of the standard and major dialects in essentially any face-to-face conversations that are culturally and conceptually different from the learner’s own. The Junior English envisions incorporating learning the English language with fun and positive so that the young learners would grow to embrace the language at an early age.

This program also lets students know their potentials in the field of Art, Music, and Swimming so that they would have the initial perception on what future career goals they may venture. It is our goal to provide young learners the quality and community-oriented education they need.

"We aspire to hone young minds for we believe that the children are the hope of our world."


English M to M Class

This class is designed to address the critical English needs of the learner. Having one on one class is indeed a challenge for learners and seekers of the language

due to financial aspects and scarcity of academies

that offer such program.

To address their needs, CILC generously imparts this program by providing competent teachers and state-of-the-art facilities. Teaching the four essential macro-skills are properly and meticulously implement and given ample attention to each student’s learning needs. 

English Group Class

Group activities are given to learners to allow them to engage in real-life situations and authentic vocabulary practice while having a great time with the teacher and classmates.


Students who are tactile or kinetics learners will greatly benefit from learning through games and group works. By working in a collaborative environment, students will be more involved with classmates in an easygoing atmosphere.

Swimming Class

With the country's perfect weather for outdoor water activities, CILC gives the students the chance to have themselves be taught swimming in an English speaking environment.


A professional swimming teacher is provided to let the students explore the wonders of having the ability to swim in the pool. This is also a good way to teach the students to enjoy being in the water and teach them and parents about how to be safe around the water.

Arts Class

The promotion of creativity and confidence at a very young age is indeed necessary for young learners. Art activities are particularly beneficial for younger children who are only just beginning to learn how to work with their hands.


Their fine motor skills, focus, and concentration are strengthened as they learn how to draw, write, and use scissors. Plus, being able to have this class in an English speaking environment, it would surely make the class more interesting and enjoying!

Music Class

CILC doesn't only let the learners discover their language skills, it also helps the learners explore other fields such as music. Learning the do-re-mis can also help the learners excel in way beyond the basic ABCs.


Music is proven to be very integrative and stimulating pastime; thus, exposing students in this kind of environment at an early age can enhance natural abilities like decoding sounds and words.

Self Activities

The school provides a gaming room with a flat screen television and gaming consoles where they can stay during breaks and pastime.


This would allow the students to be in a competitive yet healthy environment so that they can become individuals with goals and ambitions in the near future. This is also a perfect place where students can meet foreign classmates and play games together while they speak in English all the time.

"CILC endeavors to create an English learning environment where young learners can recognize their potentials in making the English language an enormous part of their development."

Daily Timetable

7 Hours intensive Class

(1:1-3hours  +  Group ESL-2hours  +  Special Group-2hours)



08:00 ~ 09:00

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6th Class (Special Group Class - Swimming / Arts / Music)

 No swimming class if rainy and not acceptable same classes for 2 hours

7th Class (Special Group Class - Swimming / Arts / Music)

- No swimming class if rainy and not acceptable same classes for 2 hours

8th Class (Self activities)

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