Activities in Cebu

Staying Cebu is an amazing chance to explore places you have never been. From jaw-dropping white beaches islands to modernized infrastructures, the second largest and most productive city of the Philippines surely doesn't disappoint any foreign visitor. Every year, the city has been creating tourist spots and leisure places where everyone can fully enjoy; thus, making the place more convenient

and exciting for any visitor to visit.


With the innate hospitality and kindness of every Cebuano, this city surely is one of the happiest places to stay. The flock of tourists every year shows just how much travelers love to explore Cebu, mainly because of its many islands, beaches, diving locations, hotels, resorts and heritage sites. Cebu City does not only capture the hearts of its million local people but also the people from the different parts of the world.

Island Hopping

Cebu is gifted with wonderful white sand beaches. As the queen city of the south, the students together with their family members and friends can enjoy endless beach parties and island hopping. You will be able to witness the tint of the water slowly turn viridescent and gradually see the shifting of water from all the shades in between blue and green. Being able to hop from one island to another will definitely be one of the best ways to temporarily detach ourselves from the cruelty of reality.   

Ayala Mall, Cebu

One of the biggest shopping malls in the city, Ayala Centre mall has everything you need! From fancy restaurants, coffee shops, money exchange areas, relaxation areas, and gaming booths, it offers you nothing but complete satisfaction. With just a 15-minute travel, the students can already have the best leisure time in Cebu. Learning English could be a little challenging for some; so, don't deprive yourself the city has to offer!   

SM Mall, Cebu

Another alternative place to enjoy free time is to visit SM shopping malls. Considered as the biggest shopping mall in town, SM has the most extensive variety of shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and gaming areas - from bowling clubs, billiards, and ice skating rinks. There are also restaurants, coffee shops, and a viewing deck at the top of the tower which provides people a 360-degree view of Cebu City and the mall. The mall also offers IMAX theatre where students can watch movies in 3D at the most reasonable price.  

Relaxing in Resorts

Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to white sand beaches and resorts receiving more then 4 million travelers from different parts of the world every year. Because of this, it is beneficial for our students to have great luxury accommodation who want to be able to enjoy it. Cebu is really a pleasurable destination that will draw students from scrumptious food to remarkable pristine beaches.  

Papa Kits

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon is another wonder place for an action-packed free time for the students. You can do fishing, zip-lining, and visiting the jungle visiting. Approximately 21 kilometers away from Cebu City, this public and private transportation accessible destination is designed as a fishing and dining destinations for families who seek a fresher and greener atmosphere. With its luxurious overnight accommodations, the students together with their family members would definitely love their experience!  

Moalboal Tour

For an affordable white beach destination, the school highly recommends Moalboal Beach Resort. Located at the northwestern part of Cebu, this very accessible place is the perfect destination to do the 3 D's - diving, drinking, and dining. And if you want to visit the famous Kawasan fall, it is just a motocycle away from Moalboal beach. Kawasan falls offers cold blue water which is perfect for the hot weather in the Philippines! You can also do canyoneering and other water-related activities.  

Kawasan Falls

Do you want to swim on a majestically-blue river while witnessing series of waterfalls? Then Kawasan Falls is the perfect place to go! Kawasan Falls is one of the Philippines most famous waterfalls, and also one of the most famous in the world. Kawasan Falls is known to be a tropical oasis with big bamboo rafts that can take you around the turquoise natural pool, and under the waterfall.  

Oslob Tour

If you are fond of whale sharks, then Oslob beach is the perfect place for you. You may swim with these gentle giants and take photos underwater with the aid of friendly tourist guides. Getting up close with the world's largest fish would be something you should be checking on your bucketlist. Swimming with these whales is certainly a unique wildlife interaction that you will remember forever.   

Bohol Island

Located at the western part of Cebu, Bohol is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Bohol is like a condensed version of the entire country, which is why this bountiful province is always on the list of must-visit places for first-time travelers in the Philippines. Whether you are looking to get a tan at white sand beaches or dive into the colorful underwater, be mesmerized by the sprawling Chocolate Hills or simply indulge on a relaxing river cruise, visit elegant archaic churches or conquer thrilling adventures.  

Cebu Safari

If you like adventure and be more in touch with nature, Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is the most suitable place to stay. Located at Carmen Cebu which is an hour travel from Cebu City, this place is a haven for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. There you can feed animals like monkeys, capybara, llama, rheas, and deers which are not even common animals in Cebu. By riding the Canopy Trail, visitors may be able to see huge crocodilels resting underwater and the amazing cassowaries.  

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