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Fun with our break time~

We can’t remember the dates but we treasure the good memories.

In the world, we have different race, culture and personalities through communicating other people we are able to understand each other. Because of the serendipity, we meet here, and we are from other countries.

Language is not a hindrance to understand each other. We try to use English to communicate, use body language and learn from each other. We become a good friend. 10 minutes break time is one of the most exciting experience, we play, and laugh together but sometimes we argued with each other , however all the memories is unforgettable.

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Break Time

During break time, we used our time to know more about our friends. We talked a lot of thing such as, discussing our classes and shared our funny thought, knowing their culture as well as doing our homework.

We can get confidence and encouragement because of our classmates they cheer we up in the times we have trouble like unknown words or misunderstanding between my classmates.

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