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Congratulations on your graduation day!

The most awaited part of our journey as a student!

We would like to say thank you to my parents who sent me here without them we could not experience this memorable winter vacation. Receiving an award makes us happy and nervous.

Happy because we overcome all the challenges here that we finally made it! The commencement address is also make us nervous specially in giving our speech in front of many people. It makes my legs shaking but we are happy to deliver our speech to express our appreciation to my teacher for their passion and dedication for teaching us.

We also excited for the part when some of my classmates showcase their talents. Tony showed off his talent in dancing and singing. He danced the famous song in Korea, which title “Pen Pineapple Pen also known as PPAP. If you do not know this song, you should watch it because it is very funny and interesting. Sunny is a shy type girl but we surprise because she sang a song in front of us we did not expect it.

This academy boost our confidence not just for speaking but also our talents. I would not say good-bye to my teachers and friends because this is not the end of my journey; this is a new chapter of my life to improve more of my English ability! Wherever I go, I will always remember! See you when I see you.

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